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Genna Clark CPCC, ACC

Personal Development, Confidence and Leadership Coach for Talented Women Managers

I know what it is like to be a capable, dedicated, valued and talented manager - I've been there, leading teams and projects for Blue Chip companies and the public sector.

But I was also stressed, on the brink of burnout, had an unhealthy presenteeism habit, neglected my self-care and relationships, and had an ever-present shadow of imposter syndrome hanging over me.

It was too much. I left the corporate world and invested heavily in personal development and professional coach training for more than a decade. In that time, I've gained life-changing awareness, skills and powerful tools that I would have benefitted from, hugely, all those years ago.

Now, I leverage and share those skills, tools and resources to support talented and valued managers to thrive with confidence, clarity, calm and joy in their careers, lives, relationships and leadership.

I'm on a mission to have more feminine leadership energy, emotional intelligence, compassion, creativity and grounded confidence show up and be valued in positions of power and influence in all aspects of life and work, in both women and men.

I'd love for you to join me and my community in making that change happen...

"It is really hard to put into words how useful coaching with Genna is when you are in a leadership role. But I notice it each time I have a difficult conversation, or I want to support a peer or mentor someone else and I find I have techniques and skills to do this.

I got to know bits of myself I didn’t know existed, and through doing this I became wiser and more confident in myself. I also found the sessions a chance to forgive myself in some ways if I had possibly gone down a different route of managerial skills which wasn’t as effective; rather than feel guilty it felt like I could turn things around and use different techniques that worked. I felt empowered to face my imposter syndrome head on and had a new awareness and tools to move past it."

Alexandra Dyer, Manager, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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