Discover Your Leadership Presence 

Is this You?

  • A capable, valued and talented manager, on the rise
  • Committed to professional integrity and pride yourself on doing a good job
  • Feeling overwhelmed at times, stressed even, and mindful of avoiding burnout
  • Unclear about how to step into a better way to lead yourself and others
  • Would benefit from tools and skills to lead with self-awareness, confidence, clarity and calm
  • Compromising or negatively impacting your personal relationships and work/life balance
  • Not investing in your self-care
  • Doubting yourself, when you know deep down you have what it takes
  • Still motivated to have a professional career and fully explore your potential?

The Women's Leadership Space has been created for women, just like you, brimming with potential to have a powerful impact in their leadership and career, but struggling to stay in balance and thrive across all areas of their life and work.

They want time, space, guidance and inspiration to focus on how they can develop as a successful leader and what they really want as they take their careers to the next level.

I'm here to help. Through each of my services, I walk the path with my clients to discover their confident, authentic, inspiring and resilient leadership presence, supporting them to transition from being talented managers into successful, balanced, high-achieving and happy leaders.


For a highly personalised experience. Clarify meaningful goals and build new and purposeful beliefs, attitudes, habits and behaviours to intentionally and confidently take action and shape outcomes


Topic based, interactive group coaching for talented managers to learn, discover, inspire, innovate and reach their leadership potential. Benefit from peer-to-peer support and networking.


L&D combining a coach-training blend. Popular topics include Leading Through Transition, Personal Resilience for Team Leaders, Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication


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Coming soon...

The Five Secrets of Confident, Authentic & Inspiring Leadership

Your FREE 11-page guide with insights to support talented managers to become successful leaders with ease, integrity and resilience.


Genna Clark CPCC, ACC

Founder and Leadership Coach

I know what it is like to be a capable, dedicated, valued and talented manager and leader - I've been there, leading teams and projects for Blue Chip companies and the public sector. But I was also stressed, on the brink of burn out, had an unhealthy presenteeism habit, neglected my self-care, sleep and relationships, and had an ever-present shadow of imposter syndrome hanging over me.

It was too much. I left the corporate world and invested heavily in personal development and professional coach training for more than a decade. In that time, I've gained life-changing awareness, skills and powerful tools that I would have benefitted from, hugely, all those years ago.

Now, I leverage and share those skills, tools and resources to support talented and valued managers to thrive in their careers, lives, relationships and leadership.

My clients often address some or all of the issues I faced, and they also move into intentional and successful action, too. They discover and develop deep self-awareness, purposeful vision, leadership presence, performance effectiveness, work-life balance, self-belief, wellbeing and improved relationships.

Ultimately, they are happier, more successful leaders. How does that sound to you?